Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Baby Luke

We are beyond thrilled to announce the arrival of our second son, Lucas Brendan Hopf, born on August 27.  He was three weeks early,(almost 4!!), and weighed 7 pounds 2.2 ounces. and was 19.5 inches long.  He was 18 ounces smaller then Alex and only 1 inch shorter.  He did give us a bit of a scare, I wasn't due until September 13, but all is well.  I won't bore everyone with all the details, other then to say I had some minor complications this pregnancy and it came to a head on the 26 when I found out my amniotic fluid level was dropping dramatically.  I walked next door to the hospital and had Luke 16(?) hours later via emergency c section.  I knew down deep that I would not make it all 40 weeks this time and I also knew he would be an August baby versus a September one.  The funny thing about the date, the 27th, is that is the Feast of St. Monica.  Monica is my Maternal Grandmother.  When all of this started a week before his birth, I was looking at the calendar to see if there were any significant dates between the 19th and the 26th.  We buried Eric's Aunt on the 19th, of course we have a huge track record with the 23, my recently deceased Uncle's birthday was the 24, and then Feast of St. Monica on the 27th.  Again, I just knew it would be the 27th...and I was right!  Here are some pics, enjoy!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Another day, another MRI

Another MRI, but Sarah, I thought your Dad JUST had one and was on a six month reprieve.

Well....that's what we thought to.  He had an MRI the end of January, after a heart episode.  He was told he would continue MRI's on a six month basis, versus the three month basis.  Imagine my surprise when I got a call from Dad confirming his appointment for April...April...that isn't six months.  A call to Mom to confirm the doctor actually ordered the MRI and not some computer error yielded this result: Dad's doctor looked at the films a second time and decided he needed to come back in three months.  He did not specify if he saw anything unusual, or if the lesions are growing, but we know he 'saw' something.

So, here we are three months later on the eve of the MRI.  He has been chemo free since September 2011,(I think, will need to look that up), so in theory his is due for another round.  Large dark cloud looming overhead, hoping the Lord's wind will blow it away.


Monday, February 11, 2013


The Pope announced his resignation just a few hours ago.  I log on to Facebook this morning and see many disparaging remarks about the Pope and his potential successor.  The sad thing is these comments were coming from well educated,(supposedly), Catholic women, whom I went to Catholic college with.  One in particular was disappointed the Pope had to be a man.  Really, you are upset because of a penis.  I have enough on my plate right now, I don't want the job and will GLADLY give it to a man who knows infinitely more about Catholic Theology then I do.  Then again, it is 2013 and you can always go and get a penis grafted on your body and run for the office, apparently it worked for Hillary Clinton.

All I have to say is GROW UP!!  Men and women are not equal and will never be equal.  We were not designed to be equal.  I am perfectly content being a woman and I certainly don't want to be a man, act like a man, think like a man, or have anything to do with being a man.  Embracing femininity does not mean turning into a man, but that's what we are teaching our young girls and young women.  Ladies, like your lady parts.  They will do more for you then any penis ever will.  As far as the Pope is concerned, I will continue to pray for his health and pray a new successor is found quickly. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Brand Spankin' New

New job that is.  My hubby started a new job two weeks ago.  His division of Boeing, Mission Planning, was sold off to another division of Boeing called Tapestry Software.  While no longer a direct Boeing employee, he is a Boeing "person" which has no meaning right now :)  Since his project is top secret and he works in a secure facility, the only thing that changes is the name on the paycheck.  There will be more changes in the next few years, including a possible move, but we aren't focusing on that right now.


In other spankin' new news, I have a new of.  We decided to finish our basement.  I was thinking first of this year, but I was out voted.  Our house has been under construction since the start of December.  We were able to fix two other plumbing issues we have been having, so my house is chaos.  I have lost boxes of Christmas stuff and my tree is still up in the living room.  The contents of my laundry room are in my dining room.  I can eat and fold at the same time!!!!-sarcasm

Construction is moving along well.  I have been told I get walls this week, which is kind of exciting.  I am not-so-patiently waiting for my bathroom mirrors to show up so I can get the rest of the bathroom ready.  We only found one dead mouse while dismantling the wet bar, that we estimated to be 10 years old, eewwww.  It was in a trap and we have never set traps here, so it was from the previous owner, double eeewwww.  I won't post any pics, to keep you all in suspense...

Are those tumbleweeds...?

If I knew how to animate, I would animate tumbleweeds across the page :)  I thought I would stop by and give a small update on Dad.  He was hospitalized last week after a cardiac episode on the 6th.  He has some small amount of damage to his heart that can be controlled with medication.  The flip side of this is that he missed his MRI,(want to know why, message me and I will tell you), and has it rescheduled for next Monday, the 21.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Quiet Morning

Why yes, the time stamp is correct.  It is 6:38 in the morning and I have been up well over an hour.  Monday mornings are my favorite morning of the week, other then Friday.  Monday I don't have to rush around and get me ready and then the small person.  I have an hour and a half to sit at the computer, do laundry, and just relax in general.  There is no school on Mondays, just Gymboree and any other South/Mid/West County errands that I need,(want!), to do.  I know this quiet will be short-lived, as full school weeks begin next fall.  I sit here and relish the quiet...until the cats start meowing they are hungry and make me get up to feed them.


Monday, October 8, 2012