Friday, January 14, 2011


We have been in a holding pattern as of late. Essentially we are just...waiting.

Waiting on Dad

Waiting on HVAC estimates

Waiting for my brakes to be finished(okay, that one will be finished soon)

Waiting for new window estimates,

and so on and so on

While we have all been twiddling our thumbs, half of January has slipped away. Eric is back to class and all but one of our regular activities has recommenced. You know it's winter when the large purple down alternative comforter comes out :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Good News! The cancer is localized to the liver; it has not spread anywhere else. Bad news, there are few options other then surgery to remove the tumor. There is a possibility of doing something called Radiofrequency Ablation. They are suppoed to meet with a surgeon at Barns Jewish Hospital here in STL sometime next week. Mom is doing LOTS of research on different treatments and facilities in the US in hopes of making some kind of decision. Until then, PLEASE PRAY!