Thursday, March 31, 2011

Well, that was FAST!

So, Dad's MRI got changed to the 29th, (without his permission, I might add). That was fairly uneventful, in fact it took less time then the previous one. Got the phone call Wednesday at lunch that 'Floyd' was 75% dead and that more chemo would be administered Thursday. However there was a small glitch; his creatine levels were high and if they didn't come down there would be no chemo. Back to my house to spend the rest of the day flushing out the kidneys. He went in this morning for blood work and his levels were one point high, but they chose to do the chemo anyway. Now he is out of surgery and in a room resting. We are praying that there won't be a repeat of last time and NOT HAVE ANOTHER TIA!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Green Green, It's Green They Say

Anyone who gets the song reference gets MAD props from me!!!

We have been 'greening' our home somewhat. While Dad was having all of his issues, we were getting new HVAC and blown insulation. We did an energy audit through Home Green Home, which is affiliated with the Missouri Botanical Gardens, and have been making some of the changes they suggested. We completely replaced the HVAC system and put in a zonal system with heat pump. Now we can control the upstairs and downstairs separately and account for what rooms we use the most. The excitement occurred when one of the workers fell through the ceiling outside of Alex's room, while working in the attic. He ended up being all right, and we now have a brand new attic access in the hallway.

It was quite the hole!

In addition to that, we got blown cellulose insulation in the basement and attic. This all will help with the draftiness of the house and bring down our energy bills. It doesn't hurt either that will be get tax breaks and potentially money back from the state of MO. The next step is the windows, which will likely be from Serious Windows in Bloomington, IL. So far, we are happy with what has been done. It is nice to wake up to a warm house for once :)

Let's Catch Up

Dad is home now. He had a bunch of tests, several hospital gaffes, and no answers. The hospital took too long to test for a stroke, so all evidence was gone. He has a history of TIAs and they do not leave evidence for long. Neither hospital listened or read his medical history to know he has a history of this. Both folks are beyond frustrated with Christian Hospital and will not go back. It brought back memories from another hospital from our family past... Now Dad's legs are weaker again and he is having more trouble walking. Like Mom said, he cannot go through this each time he has a chemo treatment, it is unacceptable.

He has an MRI on the 28th to chekc out 'Floyd' and will more then likely have another round of TACE the first of April.