Sunday, November 29, 2009


Eric's final is tomorrow, Monday, at 1:30. Tonight, he is sickly. On top of that, the dryer is having issues and we have to call the repair man. Tomorrow, we will need thoughts and prayers, please.

To make matters worse, Eric has two weeks worth of project presentions for class. These presentations are to be made in CA in front of the professor and he is expected to be there. Nobody told him this until this week. He is the only distance student in the class, so it will be interesting how USC compromises his presentation. He is not going to CA.

18 Month Check-up

Alex had his 18 month check up and all is well. He is still a bit on the small side, but remaining consistently small, so that is good :) I was worried about his clothing. He has been in size 12 months since May and I didn't think he would grow out of it. Low and behold, he literally grew over night. Monday his clothes Friday, they were too small! I promptly packed them away and got out his 18 month stuff...yeah, too big and too long. Thus, the cycle begins again. Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and look for our Christmas letter in the mail in the next few weeks!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Link Issues

I understand there were Facebook link issues. Try this one

Lap Time

I took Alex to "Lap Time" last week at one of the local library branches. They just started this program this year and it is designed for 9month-2 years. It is a pre-literacy program with stories, songs, and games. It has been such a hit they are expanding the program to twice a month, from once a month. It was a small group that was there, but I think Alex liked it. There were two books, a flannel board story, songs, and a small craft. The kids also got to take home a special Thanksgiving book that was donated to the library.

We haven't been able to go before now because of Alex's feeding schedule. Now that he is older, he is much more flexible. We look forward to going in December for Christmas!

November already?!?!?

AND Half-way through to boot! If you want Halloween pics, surf over to my Facebook page. Month started out busy busy! Spent four days in Chicago with some friends to celebrate 30th birthdays. Saw our friend Gail and husband Bob and got to have dinner with them. Celebrated Colleen and Erika's birthday at a Dare 2 Dream fundraiser featuring Gavin Rossdale from the band Bush. And yes, he is just as good looking in person!! We also went to SOFA and saw some FABULOUS functional art. Talked to a few of the artists and hopefully saw some soon-to-be-famous ones, as well. Had some Mity Nice Bar and Grille, so I was a happy camper :)

Celebrated Eric's 30th last Friday, fairly low key. He got a pumpkin pie and peanut butter surprise cookies. He gets an official cake from my Mom this coming weekend. Right now we are getting ready for the Tucker/Powley Thanksgiving this coming weekend and then Eric has to study study study the week of Thanksgiving for his final!!