Saturday, February 27, 2010

New all Around

New computer for me! We bought a new laptop for the living room/traveling AND it is pretty purple. This week we are getting an estimate for a new fence in the back yard. There was one that came with the house, but we took it down because it was falling down and rickety. We are currently looking at polyvinal, but are not 100% sure. Right now we went to do part of the yard, but we may end up doing the whole backyard if the price is right.

Alex turned 21 months just before the end of the month. He has two new teeth that are causing him to chew constantly. He bumps up Gymboree class in a couple of weeks, which is good. He needs a challenge :) His vocab seems to be growing daily and he loves to be helpful. He is currently curious about the potty and what it does. He enjoys flushing and watching the water go down.

Eric is switching projects at work again. Somebody really wanted to work on the Korean Trainer project and Eric was in a place where he was finished. He is transfering to a radar project for the F-15. His class is going well. Hopefully this class will allow him to take some time for Easter, but we won't know that until later in March.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

20 Months and a "Sweet" treat

Alex is out of his teens...for now :) He is eating out a bowl with a spoon and walking up the stairs much better. He is using more words and with a few reminders uses, "please". He is loving puzzles and Legos right now.

Tuesday night Alex decided to get into the pantry while I was making dinner. He got into the cocoa powder and dumped it all over the floor and himself. Yeah...I was not that happy. He got cocoa all over his Valentine's Shirt. I did get the cocoa out of his clothes.