Tuesday, February 24, 2009

If I Could Be King......

....Just For One Day!

Happy Fat Tuesday to all!! Alex is decked out in his "King" Pjs. To commerate this Fat Tuesday, I made a King Cake from scratch. I was told it was pretty good, as it went with Eric to work and I had none of it.

Alex had his 9 month Well Baby exam. He he 19 lbs and 28 inches long. He didn't gain weight since his 6 month, but is gaining length. I got out his 9 month clothing and he just swims in it :) He is about to out grow his car seat(he has once inch left), so we are looking into his next one.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Saturday In The Park

Although it wasn't the 4th of July, it was FEBRUARY!! We took advantage of the unseasonibly warm weather we had last weekend and early this week. We took Alex to the James J. Eagon center park in Florissant. It was around 70 degrees here on Saturday and I was a bit surprised the park was mostly empty. I was anticipating muddy ground, but the ground was still frozen, so minimal mud!

Alex enjoyed the swing the most. I don't have a swing for him at home, so this is quite a treat!

He did enjoy the feel of the sand, although I did not like the 'items' found in the sand

Eric has put in 120+ hours in the last week at work. Whether he will get paid for that much is yet to be seen. He was working on a component and ran into some 3rd party 'issues'. He eventually solved them, but it took him a long time.
Alex is enjoying therapy more. He has figured out he can play with the toys Peggy puts out and that takes his mind off of what is going on. He is really loosening up in his hips, which makes a difference in his movement. He has had a bit of a cold this week, but I think it is related to a new tooth coming in. He won't let me check and see which tooth. He is drooling buckets and chewing again :) He is eating more solids and finger food. The only food he isn't thrilled about is pasta. He isn't fond of the texture, but eats it anyway. I am really trying to make an effort to have him eat only organic, but that is easier said then done. The nearest organic market is by Gymboree and I can only go once every week or two. I am trying to get things from out local grocery stores, but it is getting challenging to find organics.