Monday, February 11, 2013


The Pope announced his resignation just a few hours ago.  I log on to Facebook this morning and see many disparaging remarks about the Pope and his potential successor.  The sad thing is these comments were coming from well educated,(supposedly), Catholic women, whom I went to Catholic college with.  One in particular was disappointed the Pope had to be a man.  Really, you are upset because of a penis.  I have enough on my plate right now, I don't want the job and will GLADLY give it to a man who knows infinitely more about Catholic Theology then I do.  Then again, it is 2013 and you can always go and get a penis grafted on your body and run for the office, apparently it worked for Hillary Clinton.

All I have to say is GROW UP!!  Men and women are not equal and will never be equal.  We were not designed to be equal.  I am perfectly content being a woman and I certainly don't want to be a man, act like a man, think like a man, or have anything to do with being a man.  Embracing femininity does not mean turning into a man, but that's what we are teaching our young girls and young women.  Ladies, like your lady parts.  They will do more for you then any penis ever will.  As far as the Pope is concerned, I will continue to pray for his health and pray a new successor is found quickly.