Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vacation Pics!!  Click on the link for our vacation pictures.

We had a weekend in Terre Haute, Indiana with Eric's family and then drove to the Philadelphia area for the week. 

Some of the highlights were:

*Almost sleeping at a rest stop in Ohio, due to full hotels because of the storms.
*Driving through the mountains of PA and MD
*Hershey's Chocolate World
*Crayola Experience-ended up with more crayons then I could imagine!!
*Sesame Place
*Independence Hall and The Liberty Bell
*Driving to NJ just for ice cream
*WaWa hopping
*Please Touch Museum-though I don't think I would go back

As you have noticed, there are not that many pictures.  I had to borrow my MIL's camera and it died about half way through the trip.  Instead of taking the PA Turnpike through the state we went south and drove through Maryland and West Virginia and then on the way back, we drove through Deleware, Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky, and then to Indiana to see the fam for the weekend.  Couple that with a jaunt to New Jersey to hit a Carvels and we were busy busy folks.  We had a great time and only had some minor issues.  We didn't have any traffic problems until KY and then all kinds of issues.  Our marriage, child, and car survived.  It was a long time on the road, but worth every minute!