Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lots has happened!!

That is a slight understatement! Dad made it through his TACE proceedure on Thursday and came home to my house Friday afternoon. I inisted they stay an additional 24 hours in STL just in case there was an issue, they would be here. Saturday afternoon Dad got up to use the bathroom and could not stand up. He had no strength/control of his legs. He was taken via ambulance to Christian Hospital where he currently lies. So far, they haven't found anything wrong. Tomorrow he gets an MRI to see if he had a mini-stroke and also to see if "Floyd", his tumor, has spread to his spine. As of tonight, Sunday, he is running a low grade fevor, but in good spirits. It has been frustrating not knowing what is going on and being at a hospital that doesn't seem to take what is going on seriously. The major concern is that if he gets home and this happens again, there isn't anyone there to help him or to call 911. They are more then an hour away from any hospital that could care for him in his condition.

So, more stress for everyone involved. Dad is 'supposed' to have an MRI at Barnes at the end of March to see if "Floyd" has shrunken any and if not, he will undergo another round of TACE. Not much to do but PRAY!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

TACE, TACE, baby!

So, here's the deal with Dad. He is going in for TACE treatment this Thursday, the 24th at Barnes Jewish. Find out more info on TACE here:

Surgery to remove the tumor is not an option, given the size of the tumor and Dad's previous history. Even the TACE right now is risky. There is no prognosis yet and no plan for on-going treatment, although there will be before he is discharged from the hospital. Not much else to say, other then to PRAY!! Light candles, make offerings, and just PRAY. Dad is not doing well mentally with everything that is going on and would appriciate notes/cards/phone calls. Leave a comment or email myself or my Mother if you need the phone number.

If anyone need something to do this Thursday, come hang out with Mom and I at Barnes.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Alex Update

I've been thinking lately and I figured out that I haven't updated on Alex for a while, other then pictures. He is 34 3/4 inches, almost three feet, tall and roughly 30lbs. Still small for his age, but he has no motor/developmental delays. He loves all things trains and dinosaurs. He is actually identifying several dinosaurs by name. He got a kitchen last fall and he enjoys 'cooking' with his 'recipes'. His imagination and pretending have really taken flight. I tend to crack up when he walks through the house with a book over his head or carrying the Swiffer and singing Alleluia, (what Irish mother wouldn't want a priest for a son?). He can count to 20 and knows the Alphabet and can recognize all the letters. We are working on identifying the sounds of the letters. He is also quite polite and uses, 'please and thank you,' consistently.

Occasionally we get to grocery shop at Trader Joes in Brentwood. They have child sized shopping carts that Alex LOVES to push. He actually picks out his own items to put in the cart. Not just grabbing things from the shelves mind you, he studies the shelf and then makes a choice of what to pick up. Thing such as mixed nuts, macaroni and cheese, and balsamic vinegar have made it into his cart. He claims we, "NEED," these things, though I tend to differ.

I have also come to the conclusion that the "Terrible Twos," are complete BS. Alex is almost three and hasn't been better. All and all we are just biding our time here until we can start playing outside without wearing 5 layers of clothes and boots.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lots of Pics!

As promised, several new pics!!

He insisted on a picture with each individual strand of beads ;)

Us playing in the snow.

First time finger painting. Thanks to Grandma Barbara for a wonderful Christmas gift!!

Snow and...

...lots of ice. According to Channel 5 it has stopped snowing. Yeah, not so much. It is still snowing here. We had ice all day Monday and ice alternating with snow all day today. Now it is just snowing lightly with a light breeze. Tomorrow is supposed to be windy and super cold. I am hoping none of our tree limbs come down, or at least not hit the fence when they fall.

So if you know me, you know I LOVE snow!! The winters here in MO are much different then up north, mainly it doesn't get that cold here and it doesn't snow every year. This tends to cause my body some discomfort, as my head tells me that 42 degrees in January is NOT NORMAL. Call me crazy, but I miss the consistent cold of the winter. It is that cold that kills the germs and makes the spring allergy season much less miserable. Last winter here was a dream in that respect. CONSISTENT COLD!! This winter hasn't been that bad either, minus the 40+ degree days we had last week. Not 'cool' STL, not cool.

Check out the other new post. I PROMISE to have some new pics up. No pics from this storm; Alex is sick with a cold and I don't want him going out.