Sunday, February 6, 2011

Alex Update

I've been thinking lately and I figured out that I haven't updated on Alex for a while, other then pictures. He is 34 3/4 inches, almost three feet, tall and roughly 30lbs. Still small for his age, but he has no motor/developmental delays. He loves all things trains and dinosaurs. He is actually identifying several dinosaurs by name. He got a kitchen last fall and he enjoys 'cooking' with his 'recipes'. His imagination and pretending have really taken flight. I tend to crack up when he walks through the house with a book over his head or carrying the Swiffer and singing Alleluia, (what Irish mother wouldn't want a priest for a son?). He can count to 20 and knows the Alphabet and can recognize all the letters. We are working on identifying the sounds of the letters. He is also quite polite and uses, 'please and thank you,' consistently.

Occasionally we get to grocery shop at Trader Joes in Brentwood. They have child sized shopping carts that Alex LOVES to push. He actually picks out his own items to put in the cart. Not just grabbing things from the shelves mind you, he studies the shelf and then makes a choice of what to pick up. Thing such as mixed nuts, macaroni and cheese, and balsamic vinegar have made it into his cart. He claims we, "NEED," these things, though I tend to differ.

I have also come to the conclusion that the "Terrible Twos," are complete BS. Alex is almost three and hasn't been better. All and all we are just biding our time here until we can start playing outside without wearing 5 layers of clothes and boots.

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