Sunday, February 20, 2011

TACE, TACE, baby!

So, here's the deal with Dad. He is going in for TACE treatment this Thursday, the 24th at Barnes Jewish. Find out more info on TACE here:

Surgery to remove the tumor is not an option, given the size of the tumor and Dad's previous history. Even the TACE right now is risky. There is no prognosis yet and no plan for on-going treatment, although there will be before he is discharged from the hospital. Not much else to say, other then to PRAY!! Light candles, make offerings, and just PRAY. Dad is not doing well mentally with everything that is going on and would appriciate notes/cards/phone calls. Leave a comment or email myself or my Mother if you need the phone number.

If anyone need something to do this Thursday, come hang out with Mom and I at Barnes.

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