Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow and...

...lots of ice. According to Channel 5 it has stopped snowing. Yeah, not so much. It is still snowing here. We had ice all day Monday and ice alternating with snow all day today. Now it is just snowing lightly with a light breeze. Tomorrow is supposed to be windy and super cold. I am hoping none of our tree limbs come down, or at least not hit the fence when they fall.

So if you know me, you know I LOVE snow!! The winters here in MO are much different then up north, mainly it doesn't get that cold here and it doesn't snow every year. This tends to cause my body some discomfort, as my head tells me that 42 degrees in January is NOT NORMAL. Call me crazy, but I miss the consistent cold of the winter. It is that cold that kills the germs and makes the spring allergy season much less miserable. Last winter here was a dream in that respect. CONSISTENT COLD!! This winter hasn't been that bad either, minus the 40+ degree days we had last week. Not 'cool' STL, not cool.

Check out the other new post. I PROMISE to have some new pics up. No pics from this storm; Alex is sick with a cold and I don't want him going out.

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