Friday, March 20, 2009

Meanwhile, back at the ranch.....

...there are new lambs! We went to the farm on Sunday to see everybody and to see the new little lambs. There is one currently being bottle fed by Larry, so it is somewhat friendly. It would come up to Larry and it liked being petted.

Alex wasn't too sure about petting the lamb at first, but warmed up to him when he found out its fur was soft, like the kitties' fur.

I also got ambitious on Wednesday night and rearranged the furniture in the living room. I had the couch against the window and the chair in the corner and that left quite a bit of unusable space. I moved the couch over to the where the chair was and angled it and then moved the chair to the center. I was afraid the couch wouldn't fit, but I was pleasantly surprised. I did have it flush with the wall, but it looked nicer angled. I now know we could get a sectional couch someday, YAY!!!! Next weekend I am off to Indy for another baby shower, (there must be something in the water!), for Bethie Anderson. I am anxious to see everybody and to see Lisa Lecher's house.


Jennifer said...

Cute lamb pics!

a joyful nusiance said...

I love rearranging my furniture!!