Sunday, October 18, 2009

Magical 30th Birthday

The Magic House, the children's museum, turned 30 this weekend and to celebrate they were open all weekend for free. We took advantage of this and went after church Sunday. None of us had ever been before, so it was nice to see what it had to offer. Alex enjoyed the section for under 2.

He liked to open the wall of doors and feel the textures behind the doors. He climbed in the climbing area and slide down the slide.

They had empty tubes to drop balls down and I think that was his favorite. Leave it to my son to walk into the kitchen area and start carrying around the rubber knives.

I liked the water room. A whole room devoted to water playing.

There is even small seats for infants/toddlers to play in the water. The girl who sat next to Alex kept splashing the area and got us all wet :)

We ended the outing with some free ice cream. I look forward to going again and seeing what else the Magic House has to offer.

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