Monday, August 30, 2010

Stop...Potty Time

We officially took the plunge last week and started potty training. We had a bit of a rough start, but things are going well. I realized the, 'pull up', training pants are a bit of a joke. They are a glorified diaper. The only good use I can see is being in the car all day. I switched to the Gerber cotton training pants and they make a world of difference. Plus, I save a bunch of $$. Alex really likes his Sticker Chart and he has already earned a prize. He is the only kid in his Gymboree class that is being potty trained, and I kinda like that ;) The only downside is that I had to pack away all his snap crotch shirts and outfits for summer and fall. Some stuff still had tags on it. Guess they will saved for next time...

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