Monday, December 15, 2008


We had our first ice storm/freezing temps. day of the season today. It is techinically a "snow day," but since I no longer teach they don't mean what they used to :) We didn't get that much ice, but with temps in the teens and windchills below zero, nothing is melting. I made Eric stay home and he is working in the living room from his work laptop. His new computer will hopefully be here late this week or next. I am putting off getting dressed in favor of my fleece pjs I have on right now. ;) I am still going to take Alex to his appointment, unless Peggy calls and cancels. I will just leave a bit earlier.


We looked at vehicles on Saturday. Didn't really find anything other then VUEs. I think we have decided we want one, but haven't found the right one yet. I am supposed to call the lady today and make an appointment for this afternoon, but I am holding off due to the weather. There are a coupld more VUEs to look at and then we have to make a decision by the end of the week, since my car is really not safe. I haven't been too happy with the selection of vehicles we have to choose from, but I can't do anything about that.

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