Monday, January 12, 2009

Because Frankie Says Relax!

Last week was somewhat relaxing...we had an empty schedule due to PT being canceled because Peggy was sick. We managed to go out with some friends on Tuesday evening and I fed my Sephora addiction :) Eric worked on continuing babyproofing the stairs going up. We put up plastic sheeting between the spindles on the landing and a gate at the top. Basically, Alex can now be on the landing while we are around and play safely. I just felt badly putting him in the pack and play all the time when I needed to work upstairs. This way he has much more room and can be stretchie baby!

Still not quite crawling yet. He does this really cure inch worm thing where he gets his rear in the air and lunges forward. He LOVES being able to move around and pick different toys to play with. We did start him on a sippy cup, essentially for fine motor skills sake, and he has taken to it well. I think his biggest accomplishment in the last week is learning how to pet Gabby correctly. (Molly doesn't let him touch her) He gets all giggly when he has the oppertunity to pet Gabby and of course Gabby loves it. Her goal in life is to be petted.

Gymboree starts Wednesday. I scheduled a class right before Open Gym time, so we can do both. Although we won't do Open Gym this week. I am anxious to get Alex started, but I am not looking forward to the drive and cost. I wish there was one closer, but there is only one in the entire STL area. If I had the money, I would invest in a franchise!

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