Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pulling up

No sooner had Alex starting sitting up, he began pulling himself up. He is quite pleased with himself. I think he is getting more teeth. He just had two new teeth on the bottom and is drooling again with a slight runny nose. Hopefully these won't be as painful.

We spent Easter with my family in Butler. Mom insisted I fill eggs for Alex to find. He caught on quickly to pick up the egg and put it in the basket.

He received a lovely Easter basket from his God mother Alison.

The last few days around here have been a bit nutso. Alex started a new Gymboree class on Thursday, the washer quit(mid cycle) on Friday, Eric took apart the washer Friday night, Saturday went washer shopping and purchased one, and today (Sunday) the contents on the laundry room are in my kitchen so I can clean the floor and wait for delivery on Tuesday. Yeah, busy.

I posted this at the request of my Mom.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, you are so cute!

Good for Alex for pulling up!

We love the castle swing, we have a school in the backyard thta allows neighbors to use their swings, so a full blown swing set isn't necessary.

I am glad Alex is doing so well.

This is Sarah Gardner Woodruff btw

Sarah Hopf said...

that is nice your have some nice neighbors! We don't have many, I think just two, small kids around us. I should have noted, that is my Mom in the pictures with Alex and the eggs. She insisted on doing it :)