Friday, June 26, 2009

13 Months and Heart-Pounding Action

Alex turned 13 months old amid blazing heat. We haven't been able to do much, other then stay inside all day. It's even too hot to take him swimming, since he is still so young. We did go to the Chesterfield Mall after Gymboree and that was wonderful. The place was full of parents/grandparents doing the same thing we were.

On the PT front, we are going roughly once a month. He went this last Monday and did not scream or wail once with the therapist. He even received a sticker from a little boy in Speech therapy, eager to share.

My Dad goes in Tuesday, the 30th, for a heart catheterization at St. Johns in Springfield. He 'failed' a stress test a few weeks back and must get it looked it. I guess they know there is a blockage, but not sure where or to what extent. I am going up Monday and staying through Tuesday, or longer if needed. If anybody want to come to St. Johns and hang out with my Mom and I, we will be on the 4th floor Cath Lab waiting room (right past the 4th floor doors if you are coming in through the parking garage. In the 'new' part of the hospital).

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