Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th and Down

Teresa with Alex, and her Great Niece Iliza Poppe

4th was wet. Cole, wet, and raining. We went to IN and the weather chose not to cooperate. Of course, the sun came out the morning we left, but the pool water was too chilly to swim. Alex had a new tooth pop in over the 4th and he has another one wanting to join it. That brings the teeth total to 9, soon to be 10.

It has been a quiet couple of weeks here. We made it to the park once last week and once this week. I am hoping to get his pool out today, but it is currently raining. My Grandpa is celebrating his 90's birthday this Sunday. He was 90 on the 10th, but Mom had to work that weekend. As of last count, Grandpa had received almost 50 cards!

The big news however, happened yesterday........Alex has no more PT!!! His therapist thinks he is evenly balenced and there are no more 'spots ' in his hips. I still have access to her, if I think Alex needs it, which is nice. I won't miss going, but I will miss the excuse to pick up Starbucks. The original 6 weeks of therapy turned into 10 months!!

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