Friday, July 31, 2009

14 months and a fire

Alex turned 14 months on the 23 and recently cut a new tooth. That brings his total up to 10. He is walking all over the place and chasing Gabby. She enjoys it; in her world any pet is good pet.

We helped some friends of ours burn their burn pile. They had several trees/bushes come down recently and needed them gone. It took a couple of hours to get the fire going, but once it took off it burned nicely. I took Alex to Monkey Joes, an indoor playplace, for a while to tire him out. It did the trick. While he slept, John and I tore out a ton of ivy and a bush. My legs are covered in over two dozen bug bites. All in all we got quite a bit accomplished.

On a muchly thankful note, Eric received a promotion yesterday at work. He went from a level 2 software engineer to a level 3. We are both excited. He will be up for another promotion as soon as he finishes Grad school.

We are hopeing to go blackberry picking on Saturday, but rain might get in the way. Eric's brother Edward is coming here next week on his way back from CO. I are PRAYING that he gets a job soon, preferably out West.

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