Saturday, May 15, 2010

2 year molars and my closet

Honestly, I could not think of a clever title for this. Alex is getting over a cold, due to his 2 year molars. He has been chomping on just about everything, especially his fingers. Poor guy has been stuck inside most of the week because it has been raining just about everyday. We are doing the countdown to his 2nd birthday. Since we haven't been home to see my folks as a family since Christmas, we are celebrating Alex's birthday in IL. The small town where my folks live,(pop.200), just got a new playground last fall and Alex is anxious to play on it!

So, my closet...I am ironing Thursday afternoon and out of the blue the whole back part of my closet shelving falls down. I had not been in the closet, nor had anything been added/subtracted to that part of the closet. Upon further inspection, anchors that were holding the shelving were snapped off. Upon further FURTHER inspection, the whole shelving unit was not anchored into studs, it was just anchored into the drywall. Well, no wonder it fell. Not sure why it hasn't fallen sooner. Eric has spent today trying to fix the problem and is making *slight* progress. Turns out the whole unit is not even put together properly, (it came with the house). I can't get to my clothes, or anything else, but it is getting Eric to clean the closet ;)

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