Monday, October 20, 2008

Low Key

Another big PT breakthrough!!! Alex actually let Peggy work on him and do some stretching. He did get upset, but not for the whole time. He even smiled again at the end. At this point, we are looking at therpy until the end of year, maybe into '09. As long as he is making progress and isn't in pain, I am happy :)


We had a low-key weekend this past one. Didn't do much, other then buy a couple of shelves to put up. Hopefully Eric will find time to put them up this week. My cousin Amy Agatucci got married to Ryan Gobble ( you can giggle, I did :) ) over the weekend in Springfield. Several of Grandpa's brothers and sisters were in the area, but we were unable to see them. Mom, Dad, and Grandpa did, however. I was under the weather last week. I thought it would be a sinus infection, but I never got full-blown sick. I just felt blah for a few days and had a runny nose. Basically, just a cold. Eric was nice and got Alex up and dressed Thursday-Saturday so I could get some extra sleep.

We have yet another beyond busy week. Eric has a meeting tomorrow night, I am going to Annunziata (where I used to work) Wednesday to drop some things off, Thursday Colleen and I are going to an event at the Purple Cow in South county, Friday I ahve a dr's appt., and Friday/Saturdayish we are heading to Jasper for 4 days to see some family!! Somewhere in there I need to start packing and ship a couple of Ebay items. For now, Alex is napping and I am watching Jeopardy.

I thought this was priceless. Alex scootchied himself over on his playmat and was peaking out between his chimes. He enjoyed being there, it didn't bother him a bit!


Anonymous said...

Hopf is no better than Gobble.

Sarah Hopf said...

I didn't say there was anything wrong with it what-so-ever, I just said it made me giggle. Get over it!