Thursday, November 13, 2008


That has been my theme the last couple of weeks! My folks were here last Saturday-Tuesday and I sore they wore me out!! :) Mom got the majority of her christmas shopping accomplished and I took Dad to the History Museum. Mom went with me on Monday to PT to see what Peggy does with Alex and agrees that it is making a difference. Yesterday and today have been cooking, baking, and laundry. Today is Chili Day at Boeing and I had to make two batches of chili since the first one got spilled in the car. (Eric will tell you he doesn't whip around corners, but I am here to tell you other wise). I also managed to fall down the two steps from the house to the garage and I baked and decorated Eric's giant cookie for his birthday.

On a lighter note, Alex is rolling over like mad. He still gets frustrated he can't roll from his front to his back, but he keeps working on it. I started packing away his 3-6 month clothing and getting out 6-9 months. He goes from being 'little' to being 'medium'. Not something I want to think about :)

I did have to disable the anonymous comments feature because of some nasty comments left by anonymous people. If you have a Google, Blogger, or OpenID you can still comment, otherwise you will need to email me directly with comments and questions.

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