Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I haven't said anything here about the election. This will be the only post addressing this here. The American people have voted a murderer into the White House. 4 million babies a year will continue to be killed while he is in office. For those of you who support the right to "choose", Obama will nationalize health care, so you will no longer have ANY control over your body or medical treatment. Thanks a bunch!

My Dad made the best observation last weekend. "I won't be going to hell. After this election, it will be too full."

I had a hard time trying to sleep last night then I said a Rosery for Obama and those who voted for him, 'casue you folks are going to need all the prayers you can get. I finally got to sleep, after I realized that I had nothing to do with his election. I take peace in that fact. I did not condem millions of children to death. Funny, the only thing that sepereates Obama from Hitler is that goofy mustache.

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Anonymous said...

1. Final judgement is left to God, not you or your father.
2. How do you reconcile voting for a party that believes in the death penalty? Not to mention supporting torture? And then base your entire voting decision one issue which is not a platform issue for either candidate.
3. Perhaps you should have prayed a bit more before you posted this.