Sunday, November 16, 2008

Books, books, and more BOOKS!

Friday night I went to the Brentwood Borders for a book signing. Laura Numeroff, author of If You Give A Mouse a Cookie among others, was there signing her new book If You Give a Cat a Cupcake. I was quite excited. She read three of her books to the crowd, talked about herself and her writing process, and then signed books.
I was in the second group to get books signed and I had two to be signed. The nifty thing was, she and I actually had a conversation. Without even saying anything, she knew I was a teacher and she asked me what I taught. When I told her I had special needs kids, with an emphasis on Autistic and ADD/ADHD kids, she went nuts asking me questions about Autism. She also talked about how many teachers/parents write her letters praising her books because of the repitition. All and all, we spoke for about 10 minutes. I felt privilidged :)

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