Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Don't Fence Me In

Fence is a 'go' for the back yard. Got the estimate taken care of and are going with that company. We are putting up a privacy fence parallel to the road and a 51(?) inch fence around to the front. I believe there will be three gates, including one that can be driven through. We went with a slightly higher fence so it would be up to code for a pool. Not that we want a pool, unless you have a degree in chemistry you shouldn't be messing with pool chemicals, but it would be a good selling feature. We do have to sacrifice a couple of trees and bushes, but nothing too heartbreaking. We will also have to bury the tile coming from the basement, HOORAY!! Work technically started yesterday with the surveyor's coming out, but the real work won't start until sometime in April, after everything has thawed out.

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