Saturday, March 20, 2010

Vested Interest

I broke down Thursday and bought a puffer vest. I had been wanting one for a while, and Sears had the Lands End ones on clearence. I didn't anticipate using it until later in the year, but this weekend our nice spring weather went to pot and it is cold and rainy. Enter, the vest. I put it on over my teal shit and realized it didn't have pockets. I was a bit annoyed that I didn't catch that in the store, but oh well. I went about my morning. Eric came in from working outside and asked me if my tag was sticking out. I promptly said no and then took off the vest to make sure. Yep, it was on inside out. I put it on correctly and whataya know...It has pockets!! Not sure who was more excited; me for finding the pockets or Eric...for finding the pockets. He specifically asked me to blog about this.

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