Friday, September 26, 2008

Four Months and First Cereal

Alex turned 4 months on Tuesday and had his check-up yesterday!! He is just over the 50th percentile on height and 75 for weight. Not bad, he his gaining weight less rapidly, which is good. Developmentally, he at where he should be and ahead in a few areas, especially language (imagine that, my child ahead in language!!). He is starting to roll himself half-way over. At the suggestion of the pediatrician, we started cereal today!! That essentailly sent me out scouring the globe for a Bumbo seat, per Dr. Kranbuhl recomendation. I was hoping to get one used, but they are a hot commidity!! I was discussing it on the phone with Eric and I could hear his co-worker going on and on about them in the background. I ended up with a blue one, as you can see in the pic. I think Alex got two bites of cereal down. He did not get upset or fuss much, so I was glad to see that. Maybe tomorrow we can get three bites down!!
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Shane & Erika said...

Little Alex is growing up.. its so hard to believe its been four months already!!!