Tuesday, September 30, 2008

PT Update

First off, I would like to wish everyone a 'Happy Fall' Fall has officially hit here in the STL, nice cool temps and cool rain.

Alex had a bit of trouble this week with PT. Last week, he pulled a small muscle in his neck and it started bothering him Thursday night/Friday. Peggy worked with him an hour yesterday and couldn't get his body to "give in" and let her work well. She said he is one of the worst cases she has seen of this problem. Depending on how this week goes, he might be going twice a week starting next week. The more this goes on, the more irritated I get with the hospital where I delivered. As of now, I am not going back there to have subsequent children. I had the choice between there and St. Johns and I think I will go to St. Johns next time.

On a more productive note, we have started some minor remodeling on our house. We took the carpet off of the hallway stairs because I cannot keep it clean/fur free and I have almost fallen down them twice with Alex. When taking up the carpet, we found two flat razor blades and 3 broken stairs. Not 100% sure what we will put on the stairs. I had found a stone laminent that I liked, but Eric doesn't like it. We need to decide soon!! The whole house, sans kitchen and bathrooms, is done in the same nasty dark grey carpet (the rest is done in nasty grey tile!). It was three years old when Eric bought the house, so that makes it 7 years old now. I want most of it gone. We decided that over Christmas break we will replace the dining room carpet and office carpet with snap-together laminent. I really want hard wood, but it is double the price!! This will suffice for now. As soon as I download the pics from the camera, I will post some of the stair ripping!

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