Monday, September 8, 2008

Surviving PT

Alex survived his first day of PT. The gal did his eval and determined it wasn't just his neck that was the trouble. It was his back, hips, shoulders, and jaw that are all out of line. I was glad to see he has muscle range of motion in his neck, so nothing in physically wrong with the muscles. He basically is "out of whack" and needs to be realigned. Poor guy wailed the whole time while the gal worked on his muscles. She basically did a lot of massage and relaxing techniques all over his body. We have bought ourselves at least a month in PT, maybe longer. I'm just relieved there is not an injury to his neck muscles. This is all reversible.

Tomorrow I am off to lunch and the Galleria with some friends!!

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Shane & Erika said...

That is good news!!! Hopefully once he realizes the joys of massage he'll love going :) give him kisses for me!