Monday, September 15, 2008

Round Two

Today was round two of physical therapy. Alex started crying the moment he saw the therapist and didn't stop crying until he was in his carseat ready to go home! He was much looser this week, then previously, but still really tight in his shoulders/neck area. He has two more scheduled PT visits, but I have a feeling they will spill over into October.

It has been a "trying" few days here for me. A dear nun friend/professor/choir director died on Saturday of pancreatic cancer at the age of 57. She had not been sick too long and last I had heard was responding well to the chemo. The husband of my father's cousin Dorothy also passed away over the weekend. (such a close family, I had to read it in the newspaper and call my Dad because nobody told him!). AND to top it off, a priest with whom I know well and his family are friends of my folks had a quite public arrest for cocaine possesion and has bought himself a subsequent rehab stint for a cocaine addiction.
To be a bit cliche, when it rains it DOES pour!

Wednesday I have an Ideal Image appointment and am meeting Colleen for a "night off" and to do a bit of shopping at the Galleria in Richmond Heights. Other then that, it is a fairly open week!

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